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Arnold Lieberman

We specialize in Hindu and Buddhist arts of the 2nd century B.C.E. through the 19th century C.E., from ancient Afghanistan to imperial China, with a strong emphasis on India, Nepal, and Tibet. Please visit our gallery, by appointment, in New York City in order to view this remarkable collection.

on-line gallery opened: 19 May. 1999
Updated: 11 Jul. 2013 (Gallery1: Thangka of Nairatmya)        Updated: 01 Aug. 2012 (Gallery2: Paintings and Manuscripts)        Updated: 03 Apr. 2013 (Gallery3: Sculpture and Ritual Objects)        

Thangka of Nairatmya

Thangka of Nairatmya Nairatmya, The Egoless or Selfless One, is the female consort of Hevajra, and is thus integral to one of the oldest tantras in the Vajrayana Tradition of Buddhism. She is depicted here as a dark blue standing dakini (female deity), dancing with a skullcup, hooked knife, and khatvanga. Surrounding her are her mandala figures, which include the Primordial Buddha Vajradhara above her head, various lineage holders in the sky, her four retinue dakinis, and mahakalas (protector deities) along the bottom. This painting is clearly aged, but it exudes a real sense of devotion.

Paintings and Manuscripts

Paintings and Manuscripts Two dimensional art including ritual and secular themes from various cultures, displaying exquisite craft and historical significance.

Sculpture and Ritual Objects

Sculpture and Ritual Objects A brief but significant selection from a range of cultures, eras, and materials.

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